KoF Live: Unboxing The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga Made Me A Believer (Video)

Yes, they are worth the hype. Believe…

My gut reaction to the new adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga (because of the whale, get it?) was not positive when leaks started to come from all directions a few months ago. I understood the need for growing the 350 franchise because it’s clearly the more popular model compared to the 750, but the newly designed upper threw me off. “Why does it look so dirty and what the hell was that stripe with the “SPLY-350″ all across the upper?” was what I thought to myself as we covered the shoe for the next few weeks. Even when we got the official images from adidas, they still didn’t sit well with me. Basically, right up until yesterday, I was ready to write them off as just another “PASS” on our weekly Buy, Pass, Wait segments.

But that’s why we open the boxes.

It’s not a total reboot of the 350; it still has a Priemknit upper, full-length Boost and the chunky midsole that’s influenced a lot of new adidas product lately. But it does enough that’s different and good that anybody who was still on the fence on these should make every effort to cop them (to wear) this weekend.

The upper features a more nuanced design that features some carryover from the first 350s but is definitely a more “mature” look. The shades of grey are more pronounced in person, but for me the real star of the shoe is the Solar Red “speckles” mixed in with the the greys and how they breathe life into the a silhouette that has become notorious for being monotone and drab by design. It worked for the last year’s 350s, but I think the introduction of the bright colors gives Kanye West and adidas more room to play around with for future releases.

Really, my only complaint is the “SPLY-350” that’s prominently displayed on the Solar Red stripe that wraps around the upper. It’s not a deal breaker in person, but it’s the same problem I have with giant Jumpman on the Air Jordan XXX1; it’s one step too many.

So are they worth $220? Of course not, no sneaker is really worth that much money. But when you buy a Yeezy, you’re never just buying the shoe, you’re buying into the whole Kanye experience. You’re buying into his aesthetic, his choices and the notoriety – both real and imagined in your head – that comes with wearing them out. In this case, the new Beluga V2 is a good new entry into the Yeezy footwear story.